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Users and Groups

From this screen you can add, edit and delete new users and user groups or departments.

Users and groups

It is also possible to assign users to different groups.

To do this click on the pencil next to a user group description.

Click on the Edit users button to view the users on the system.

Assign users

Click on the arrow next to the user name to move it to the assign column.

This user is now part of this department.

Edit user groups

To create a new user group click on the Add a new group button on the Users and Groups screen.

Enter the name of the group and use the tick to save the details.

Add new group

To create a new user click on the New user button in the Users and Groups screen

All yellow fields are mandatory.

Enter a username (usually firstname.lastname) User type either Standard or Administrator Select the template which will set the required access. Enter the users full name and email address

Use the Save button to store these details.

Add new user

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